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»There is no better tool or equipment you can have on board than a well-trained crew.

Larry Pardey / Sailor and Writer


We offer jobs in a wide range of fields. Be it Design and Engineering, Operations / Production, Sales, Marketing and Communication, Supply Chain, Human Resources, or Finance, you can always fit in our team. Interns and Apprentices are also welcome at Veratron.

Vertaron Job categories


Seeking innovative creators: Ready to be on the cutting edge of innovation? We know what the customer wants and when they want it–and then design award-winning products for them.

What we do: Our design and engineering teams are developing exceptional products and design solutions that support our customers to be ahead of competition and safeguard their sustainable success. Working in multi-functional teams in close relation to customers and supported by key-suppliers expertise they set the stage for innovative, highly functional and sustainable products.


Seeking Teamworker: your love building things? Join our manufacturing teams and build outstanding products for our famous customers.

What we do: Our manufacturing and Operations team members build best-in-class instrumentation for customers around the world. While they are committed to our high quality standards, we are focused on their safety and success. Our team members receive complete training in the latest modern manufacturing techniques, technologies and key practices that enable them to achieve critical business results and allow us to quickly respond to customer demand.  


Seeking passionate storytellers: Do you have a passion to convince customers not only by price but telling them what our products can do and what critical problems they can solve? Then it is you we are searching for.

What we do: Our sales and marketing team is responsible for creating and maintaining professional customer contact. It is the voice of our award-winning products and exceptional competences using a variety of digital and traditional platforms as well as personal relationship during world class fairs or individual meetings all over the world.


Seeking Masters of Complexity: Love to purchase things, to negotiate with partners all over the world and understand international flow of goods? You are the person we need.

What we do: Veratron supply chain experts ensure that components will be purchased under the best conditions with a clear strategic view on international sourcing markets. Our logistic team implements worldwide transportation of components and distribution of our world-class products right in time and according to customer orders.


Seeking Relationship Artist: Passionate for people? Identify, convince  and develop the best talents and professionals to keep veratron moving forward.

What we do: Our global Human Resource team is a strategic business partner who is focused on accelerating company growth as stewards of culture, organizational effectiveness, talent and change. Veratron’s HR community includes experts in talent management, talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee relations and more. Together, they develop a motivated, diverse and engaged global team.


Seeking Numbers Mastermind: Ready to drive results? Play a critical role in preparing business decisions and solving complex issues for a leading brand in the special vehicles world.

What we do: Our Finance and Accounting team provides expertise and insight that drive near-term profitability, strategic investment for long-term growth, and risk management in an evolving macro-economic environment. These incredible team plans, accounts and reports-out on Veratron’s multi-million Swiss Franc business portfolio across diverse brands and geographies, while managing the company’s investment portfolio, debt and equity instruments and other activities.


Seeking Young Enthusiasts: Keen on learning from leading professionals? Join us.

What we do: Develop your professional profile in a thrilling environment, grow as a person with challenging tasks in a multifunctional team -  get all you need to shape your future. Use latest tools and processes and support the most famous customers in the world. We focus on electronics, computer technics, commercial tasks and mechanical construction and logistic professions. Enjoy being part of a team with exciting tasks.